Q: There is a lot of poverty here in the western world. Shouldn't we be solving that problem instead of sending our money and talent to Tanzania, Africa?

A: There are two good reasons why we should help to solve the poverty problem in Tanzania. One is moral and other is practical.

1. The United States and Western Europe are the richest countries in the world and as primarily Judeo-Christian nations it is our obligation and duty to help the poor. Sure there are "poor" people here in the United States and Europe but most of them have a safety net in the form of food stamps, food banks and emergency room medical care. When our founder, Lucy Rodriguez, was asked by someone when she was in Tanzania if she was rich and she answered that she wasn't she was then asked if she had food to eat every day. When she answered "yes" she was told that by their standards she was "rich". Most families in the Njombe and Ruvuma Regions (our target area) live on less than $1.00 a day.

2. One of the biggest dangers to our way of life in the western world is extremist groups such as al-Qaeda. These groups appear to be well-funded and are expanding into many countries in Africa. Poverty and a wide diversity between the haves and the have-nots make an area susceptible to radical groups that provide assistance to the poor for the purpose of recruiting people to their cause. We can avoid or at least lessen this danger by improving the lives of the poor in those regions. Tanzania has not yet been infiltrated by these extremists but the danger is there.

Q: How much do the Founder and Directors of Operation Upendo get paid?

A: Operation Upendo was established for the benefit of the poor and not for our benefit. Therefore, neither the Founder nor any other member of the Board of Directors is allowed to receive compensation or loans from Operation Upendo under the provisions of the Bylaws of Operation Upendo, Inc.

Q: What percentage of my donation will actually be applied to your projects and what percentage will go to your expenses and overhead?

A: At the present time 100% of your donation will go directly to the projects that benefit the poor in Tanzania. We were lucky enough to have received a generous donation that was specifically designated for our overhead thus enabling us, for the present, to dedicate all other donations to our humanitarian projects. It is our long-term goal to keep our overhead below 15%.