Crowded Classroom
Crowded Classroom

The secondary school in Ruanda consists of four small buildings that were once used as stables for animals. After cosmetic repairs and painting the buildings were converted into classrooms. The students have since outgrown the classrooms. There are four grades—equivalent to grades 7th – 10th and only one classroom per grade. The classrooms just have openings for windows and doors and are located on the main road subjecting the students to the noise, stirred-up dust and other pollution from the semi-trucks transporting coal, fuel and water to and from the coal mine.

The upper classmen were packed like sardines in the old existing classroom that lacks doors and windows. The old classroom is located along the side of the road and the kids are distracted by the noise of the semi-trucks transporting coal 24/7. The stirred-up dust also doesn't help them.

Recently it became necessary to begin building two large class-rooms and so construction commenced, but the school ran out of funds before the project was completed. We agreed to furnish money to construct and install windows and doors in the new classrooms.

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